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3 Facts behind Slot Tips That Don’t Work anymore in (2020)

by Tyler Ariel

Every online casino player makes some tips before playing in lockdown168 to execute the best and have bigger chances of winning. Tips will also help a player to reduce a house edge as it is a sucker when you get your withdrawals deducted. On the other hand, other online casino games exuding tips will make you a winner.

Unfortunately, several online casino players presume the same tips when used in a slot can beat the odds. Slots predominantly is a game of chances and luck should be on your side to get the matches right. Therefore, there is nothing you can do to alter the way the reels spin on the slot game for you to win.

In this article, we’ve done intensive research to unearth the strategies that players often use and think they will get it right while playing slot games. If you have been executing some tips to win while playing the online slot and never work, then, I got your fears covered. The article has explained the common tips used by online players playing online slots, but the results are the same; below are the tips often used;

  • The zig-zag system
  • Money management strategies
  • Logical thinking

The Zig Zag System

Zig zag system involves watching some specific characters’ marks or symbols to be displayed in some type of pattern.

Occasionally, players paying online slots use this as a tip to make them win in an online slot. They usually think when that happens, it will denote the game is about to provide a massive hit. This is not true and lets it not cloud your judgments that you will win an online slot using this method.

The symbols used in the game are for visual attractiveness and the land does not indicate the future spins of the game.

Money Management Strategy

This involves setting wins and loss limits in online slot games. If luck is directing you to win, how can you set your monetary limits?

In this tip, a player will struggle to restrict a loss when the slot is cold and tend to take their winning when the games are hot. However, since online slots know no cold nor hot, this tip amounts to zero.

Logical Thinking

Thinking is a good tip to use in lockdown168, but to what degree will you think when reels are moving or going round and round.

Do you see any sense here?

An online slot, to some extent, is a difficult online game to predict what will be your win.


It is a good thing altogether to execute tips to win in lockdown168. However, there is no valid tip that was used and brought success.

The truth is that the genuine odds of every online casino games are in the favor of the game itself.

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