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The Millenial Game of Permainan Domino99

by Tyler Ariel

Permainan Domino99 is a modern range of card games played casually with family or friends. It includes a tussle to win over the best hand among others. It has become popular to the extent that computerized versions of the game started becoming common play.

History of the game

Although now a very ordinary game known by all, it did not just occur out of nowhere. Its roots point towards the same game being played in different parts of the world with little variations. However, Poque in France and As-Nas in Persian seem to be its oldest and closest inspirations. But later it hugely spread and popularized in the American South and started establishing itself as a famous gambling game. From 1970s after coming of World Series of Permainan Domino99 and the high televising of the game garnered it a huge audience and it established as the most popular pastime card game worldwide.

Fundamentals and Variations in the game

Due to different sources, people perceived it differently and started using varying card combinations of 20, 32, 40 or 48 cards rather than the traditional 52 card deck and started coming up with its own different variations in rules, categories and combinations. But even after differentiating regional differences the fundamentals of game remain the same with the basic steps

Different games follow different rules to decide the winning hands. There are also different categories of hands depending upon the number of cards used in a particular deck. The possibilities vary as the number of cards determine the probable combinations of cards.

The game is highly dependent upon chance but can take unexpected turns favorable or unfavorable depending upon specific game tactics. Thus, actions must be taken with highly strategic thought or else the money of one’s share is bound to be lost. This uncertainty, expectations of winning, bluffing of other players to gain an upper hand is what makes the game highly interesting and competitive.

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